Everyday I Evolve: Self-Evolution Your Epiphany of The GoOoD Life!

Daily seeking self-evolution can be your epiphany of the GoOoD Life. To evolve every day effectively, you must seek a mindful balance, be unique, and know YI (Your Intentions). For many reasons, we intentionally seek the GoOod Life as we define it. The question: How do we define the GoOod Life? The GoOod Life is a targeted mindset. Too many individuals focus on narrowly defined success targets. A personal belief in the middle of a purposeful GoOod Life is GOD.

This is why the term –The GoOoD Life, is used in this book. This book enlightens its readers to evolve with a balanced life through the seven values of The GoOoD Life as defined in the book. Although change is not an option in Life, Self-Evolution can be your strategic, holistic, and purposeful choice with a daily affirmation.

About The Author

As a workforce business adviser/ change agent of diversity , I have been working with CEOs , Youth Leaders , Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses/ Workforce Development for over 30 years. I am able to guide individuals through the life style transition process to successful business ownership.Empowering companies and their owners with the strategic value of diversity ,mutualism and synergistic partnership.

My discovery and education-based method of coaching executives , managers , owners of small business , franchisees owners allows clients to discover opportunities that are ideally suited for what they are seeking for themselves and their organization.

I apply a “win-win” principles to four key service areas:

  • Business management and workforce development
  • Educating individuals in business ownership opportunities
  • Coaching through personal evaluation of goals and dream attainment
  • Guiding clients with the value of the wealth of good health though a balanced life style

Do you know or more importantly own your Happiness and Purpose ?

Too Many Individuals gauge their happiness and purpose based or 2 or 3 areas of life.

  • Financial
  • Relationships/ marriage
  • Health/ body image

However, very few exceptional individuals have regular success in these small areas of life importance individually or collectively. The question is how the average person can find success, peace and happiness on a regular and consistent basis.

Whatever you envision ( see / feel ) in your mind in abundance is what will dominate your thinking … defining your mindfulness of who you are . There is great leverage and value in perpetuating intentional mindfulness.Purposeful driven mindfulness with holistic balance of seven values , will enable a richer and meaningful life that focuses on the qualities of life rather than the quantities of materialism of the world/society.

The essence of this book is to you target seven values of life while Intentionally seeking a balance of life and purpose . However there are 3 steps . First step be completely honest and transparent … ( never lie to yourself )acknowledging where you are mentally, spiritually and physically. Accepting your need to balance your 7 values while embracing your strengths and weakness . Second intentionally seek your God . Pursue him to engage with him to discover agape love you can share only with your Creator . Third as you evolve in your seven values of life simultaneously seeking a relationship with your God he will assist you in rediscovering your purpose. Please note everything that exists created by God has a purpose … and you do to . However enjoy the journey , as you seek your Destiny/ purpose and happiness will find you along the way .


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